With the ever-rising cost of video and film production, one has to ask: "Are there alternatives in achieving award winning videos at a surprisingly lower budget?"
Cinema World Studios , an icon in the production industry for over 25 years, offers a fresh new approach in all aspects of production. Our tremendous resources are complimented by being the only production house in the industry that owns and operates a state of the art facility. Our massive sound stages, lighting/camera equipment, set design, editing room and prop division creates a production powerhouse.
Cinema World's production capabilities extend to all shooting locations throughout the country and around the globe. Our in-house producers have over a hundred videos to their credit, forging relationships with municipal offices, vendors, rental houses, and crews.
Cinema World's stable of award winning directors offer a cutting edge and groundbreaking selection of creativity transforming your conceived project into reality.
Have another director in mind? No problem, CWS will embrace your choice, keep your project in the black and remain true to your vision.
From conception through completion our production house will forever be your production home.

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